Enhance automates the integration of 3rd party SDKs, which includes all of the top ad networks. Our goal from the beginning was to help developers and publishers alleviate the pain point of SDKs, while simultaneously not affecting your bottom line.

With that in mind, our service is not only free, but we do not take any commission or revenue share from 3rd party ad networks you integrate using Enhance.

The amount of revenue you earned from an ad network would be identical if you used Enhance to integrate their SDK or did it manually.

How does Enhance make money then?

We make money by partnering with the 3rd party providers we support on our platform. Every time someone uses Enhance to integrate their service, they pay us.

​We've also introduced our own ad network that we include in every enhancement. This is a backfill network, and it only gets called to fill impressions your other networks don't want. Enhance does keep most of this revenue, but in most cases our network is never even called, especially if you've integrated multiple other ad networks.

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