Enhance offers ad mediation as a feature, but we are not a mediation network. Enhance aims to provide access to all types of services - Ads, Mediation, Attribution, Analytics, Push Notifications, and many more.

You can directly implement with third party ad mediation networks through Enhance, or you can select to use individual ad networks.

Because you are able to select multiple ad networks to implement at the same time through Enhance, we offer a very simple 'waterfall' system which allows you to determine which ad networks will be used, and the priority and traffic share given to each network. This is similar functionality to ad mediation networks, however the tooling is available out of necessity - you couldn't implement multiple ad networks in your app without this kind of tooling.

We recommend that you implement one of our excellent third party mediation services that we support if you're interested in getting the benefits of ad mediation/optimization.

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